Installation: choose your favorite procedure

URGENT: Update your DeepImageJ to version 1.2.1 which has corrected a bug in the image processing and improves significantly the use of memory.

  • Download the latest release of the plugin (1.2.1)

  • The ZIP file is a plugin for ImageJ or Fiji. It contains all the necessary libraries (JAR files) to load and run TensorFlow models on any OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.

    One-click Installation: Unzip the ZIP file and drag-and-drop the 5 JAR files into ImageJ or Fiji. Restart Fiji.

  • Fiji's Update Site:

  • Please, add the update site URL manually:

    I. In Fiji/ImageJ, click on "Help" > "Update...".

    II. Once the ImageJ Updater pops up, click on "Manage update sites" > "Add update site".

    III. There you can write the name ("DeepImageJ") and the URL given (

Older releases

The current version of the plugin is built with TensorFlow Java API version 1.15, but it is possible to download older releases that use version 1.12.

Beta release (work in progress)

We are working on a new version of the plugin. Even if it is under development, you can try it following the user guide here.

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