Installation: choose your favorite one

  • Download the latest release of the plugin

  • The ZIP file is a plugin for ImageJ or Fiji. It contains all the necessary libraries (JAR files) to load and run TensorFlow models on any OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.

    One-click Installation: Unzip the ZIP file and drag-and-drop the 5 JAR files into ImageJ or Fiji. Restart Fiji.

  • Fiji's Update Site:

About the plugin

  • How to use: Check the Documentation of the plugin.

  • Source code: GitHub Java source code of the plugin.

  • Older releases: The current version of the plugin is built with TensorFlow Java API version 1.15, but it is possible to download releases that use version 1.12.

  • DeepImageJ is split into three different modules:

      DeepImageJ Run: Applies a convolutional neural network to an input image (it is macro-recordable).

      DeepImageJ Explore: Allows to explore all the installed models.

      DeepImageJ BuildBundledModel: A guided user interface (GUI) to build bundled models from TensorFlow models.

  • Saving Keras models to be loaded in DeepImageJ: Python code and examples in GitHub.

Conditions of use

The DeepImageJ project is an open-source software (OSS) under the BSD 2-Clause License. All the resources provided here are freely available. As a matter of academic integrity, we strongly encourage users to include adequate references whenever they present or publish results that are based on the resources provided here.

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